Горные лыжи OGSO "Marinelli" 100 nc & super rocker (194) ТЕСТОВЫЕ



Тестовые лыжи с креплениями (состояние идеальное)Крепления TYROLIA DEMO 13 (110). Цена договорная, в зависимости от комплектации от 60000 до 80000р.

Характеристики: ростовка (194) 142/108/125 R.21m. 

NEOTERIC FIBERGLASS MEDIUMLIGHT CONSTRUCTION features a poplar wood core sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass on top and two layers of fiberglass underneath. All fiberglass layers completely cover the ski from sidewall to sidewall for additional strength.

SUPER ROCKER features high, early-rise and nose for outstanding float in powder and easy turn initiation release for smooth, surfy turns. It enables you to ski powder in a balanced and relaxed position.

  • Camber underfoot provides precise, powerful edge hold on steep terrain and fast, steady carving
  • Carbon X-band of newest carbon fiber and carbon/kevlar located in front of the binding anchors the ski to the snow for remarkable stability. This technology reduces torsion, provides immediate response and transfers energy to make this ski extremely reactive. It stabilizes the ski at high speed and provides fantastic downhill performance.
  • Firm flex accentuates the SUPER ROCKER and short, flat camber to provide maximum pressure under foot.
  • Balanced flex and torsional stiffness for a damp, solid, frontside-ski feel.
  • Vibration absorbing technology provides dampening for a frontside-ski feel
  • Phenol plates under the bindings for secure, lightweight binding hold
  • Race-quality 7500 sintered base with 15% carbon for fast glide and outstanding durability